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Home Valves & Lubricants


Vales that we supply are carbon steel, stainless steel, cast as well as forged. Some of the details are below.

  • Gate Valves: Sizes: 2'' - 48'' Connection in RF, RTJ, NPT, and SW.
  • Globe Valves: Sizes: 2'' - 48'' Connection in RF, RTJ, NPT, and SW Valves & Lubricants.
  • Ball Valves: Floating Ball to BS5351 in reduced and Full Bore execution: RF and RTJ.
  • Check Valves: Swing or non-slam type: Cast and Forged Steel Check valves, Connection in RT, RFJ.
  • Butterfly Valves: Safety relief valves Y-type strainers and plug valves are also in our range.

Gaskets & Fasteners

We offer an extensive range of gaskets according to the need of the end-user. Below are the main types of the whole range we can supply from stock and can custom manufacture via our partners.

  • Ring Gasket
  • Spiral wound Gasket
  • Ring
  • Seals
  • Gasket sheets - CAF, CNAF
  • Flexible Graphite sheet
  • Stud and Bolts: Standards, UNC, UNS, Metric Course, BSW, 8UN, UNF, Metric Fine, BS.

Lubricants and Jet-Lube Items

Supplying of Lubricants from top brands such as Caltex, Shell, total and API compounds, Anti-seize Sealant and cleaners, etc from jet Lube.

  • Anti-seize Compounds
  • API Compounds
  • Cleaners and Degreasers
  • Drop Pipe Sealants
  • Drilling and Completion Compounds
  • EP Greases
  • Thread Sealing
  • Thread lock Products
  • Valve Opening Products: Ezy-Open Gel-Valve Penetrany Gel
  • OCTG Compounds
  • Website

  • www.deeminginternational.com

  • Erbil

  • Kurdistan Region, Iraq