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Hoses & Fittings

We are privileged to represent the leading manufacturers of Hoses & Fittings. The excellent relationship we share with our partners enables us to act as a conduit toward delivering the benefits of their technology to our customers.


  • Hydraulic Hoses
  • P.T.F.E Hose
  • Power Wash Hose Assembly
  • Sewer Cleaning Hoses
  • Industrial Hoses
  • Hydraulic Hoses: (R1AT/1SN, R2AT / 2SN, 4SP, 4SH, R9, R12 etc)
  • Industrial Hoses: (Air / Water Hose, Fuel Oil Hose, Welding Hose, Sand Blast Hose, Lay Flat Hose)
  • Teflon Hose: (Smoothbore, Convoluted)
  • Suction Discharge Hoses: (Suction Discharge Water / Oil / Acid-Alkali Hose, Cement Suction Delivery)
  • Air Hoses
  • High-Pressure Pneumatic Hoses
  • Bulk Cement Suction and Discharge Hoses
  • Oil Suction and Discharge Hoses
  • PVC Industrial Hoses
  • Sand Blast Hoses
  • UHMW Chemical Suction and Discharge Hoses


  • Adapters
  • Clamps
  • Claw Couplings
  • Camlocks
  • Cam & Groove Fittings
  • Quick Couplings
  • All types of Fittings for the above Hoses
  • Website

  • www.deeminginternational.com

  • Erbil

  • Kurdistan Region, Iraq